GEB sets a new world record

General Electronics LiFePo4 120C discharge battery General Electronics LiFePo4 120C discharge battery

You can call them batteries but I call them motor frying pans. Rated at 120C that's what they really are !

General Electronics, a major Chinese battery manufacturer, has announced the development and availability of two new high discharge LiFePo4 battery cells which take the first position as the fastest discharge LiFePo4 batteries in the world. The new cells, GEB6619140-1 and GEB6619140-2 that have capacities of 3.5 and 6 Amps respectively, can deliver a continous discharge rate of 120C. That is 120 times the cell's capacity. Very impressive !


Duratrax Onyx™ 25C LiPo Packs

Reliable true performers !

duratrax onyx lipo 8000mah duratrax onyx lipo 6400mah

The key element in the performance of an rc vehicle is undoubtedly the battery. Even the most hot setup would under perform if the battery could not supply the required power to fuel your rocket. Duratrax is now offering a new line of batteries under the .Onyx. series. Rated at 25C discharge, you can choose between soft or hard (ABS plastic) case packages according to your racing or bashing needs. All this without breaking the bank.

duratrax onyx lipo 4000mah duratrax onyx lipo 2000mah duratrax onyx lipo 1300mah

Capacities, configurations and prices:


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